Metaverse is a digital reality that combines aspects of social media, online gaming, augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and cryptocurrencies to allow users to interact virtually. Augmented reality overlays visual elements, sound, and other sensory input onto real-world settings to enhance the user experience. In contrast, virtual reality is entirely virtual and enhances fictional realities. [1]
Metaverse Universal Games (MUG) is a group that provides real metaverse experiences by providing online play-to-earn games, NFT markets(arts, in-game items, etc), commodities for real use cases, and social network system. As mentioned above, ‘interaction between users in a virtual reality’ is the most important thing for making a real metaverse case, which Metaverse Universal Games is trying to offer to the people in the world.
Most of people do not really have ideas about metaverse, however, it is a expanded version of WWW(World-wide Web) since metaverse is a pioneer of Web 3.0.
With our miraculous services, applications, and commodities, Metaverse Universal Games promise you for the fact that you will have the best experiences and journey you have never had.
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